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Welcome to the North Wales Kelpie Website

Rules & Regulations

  1. All members with breeding dogs will need their dogs registered with the W.K. Council of Australia.
  2. To foster, maintain and promote the breed known as the Australian Working Kelpie (“The Kelpie”).
  3. To place particular emphasis on the preservation of the natural ability of the Kelpie to work stock.
  4. To urge all people associated with the Kelpie to consider more fully the dog’s conformation, constitution, good health and welfare.
  5. To encourage the breeding registration and use of Council registered working strain Kelpies.
  6. All members shall abide by Committee rules.
  7. All memberships to be made by Bank orders only.
  8. Membership valid on receipt of Full Member fee (due 1st June of every year).

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