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Snowdon Stud Kelpie

We started with Keplies when we bought a red & tan dog pup from Emyr Williams, Winllan Bach, Bylchau in 2004.  He became an instant all rounder, at about 12 months.  His yard work was something we and the sheep had never seen before; barking on command etc.  Jack can work cattle and sheep even in the same field, as individual lots or both at the same time.  Usually he’ll push the cattle away as he draws the sheep towards me.  He will nose bite cattle if required and heel nip sheep when loading or unloading trailers.  This is not discouraged as it gains the respect between parties.

The Kelpie's versatility was very apparent and more of this was definitely required.

KINGSWAY KIRI; the bitch came to us again as a pup from Bury, England.  She is very enthusiatic in the fields and could move sheep at a vey young age.  She is black & tan and registered with WKC of Australia.  A very endearing bitch with a large personality.  Jack not being registered caused us to source a dog from elsewhere.  It proved difficult to find a non related dog and instigated search in Australia with various breeders.

Mary McCrabb of Avenpart Kelpie Stud kept the type of Kelpie suitable for Welsh sheep and cattle work.  She then was given the task to select a dog pup, thinking of our British circumstances and current British bloodlines.

Hence AVONPERT HILTON was imported in July 2008.  He is a wide casting dog of natural ability and works both cattle and sheep.

Avonpert Hilton

S. Avenpart Peko 40084 (Avenpart Zondo 14680 x Milburn Lucy 27629)

D. Avenpart Telstra 45722 (Halstead Rex 34674 x Cotway Dell 9930-98)


Kingsway Kiri

S. Kingsway U.K Kobi

D. Elidyr Kylie 46109


Contact: Bleddyn Jones 07721 437 817 or 01758 720 047

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